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Moving day. Good bye LJ
Today I am officially moving to another blog. So for those who want to continue getting updates from the Cabbage Patch, here's my new blog site:

Yes, I've made the Cabbage Patch name official, haha. I've decided to include Basic Responsibilites of a Dog Walker, I was a Toy Race Car Driver, Some Batgirl Artworks, Concern, A Concern, The Concern, and I got Sunshine when I asked for Rain, in my new blog.

So fair thee well Livejournal, and thank you for all the memories. Cheers.


I got sunshine when I asked for rain
superhero Jane
I told myself that I'd blog about this if things turn out well today, haha. So since I'm blogging about it...

Last night, I was high heavens hoping that the rain would come, and classes would be cancelled today. I know, I know, we've already been cancelling classes. I know, I know, I should think about the people who do not have sturdy houses. I know, I know, I should remember the commuters out there, But just this once, realllllyyy, just this once, "please God, please?" High heavens hoping, high heavens hoping. But then it wasn't even raining last night, so I continued working on my paper for my Western Literature class. Not only that, I was assigned to report in class today, so I also had to prepare a powerpoint presentation, and I don't like making crappy powerpoints, haha.

So my Western Literature class is from 4:30 to 7:30pm. But today I had to be in school at 8:00am for JMC (Junior Marketting Communications), because I volunteered to do a fair at St. Stephen with Isha and Jade. So there goes my sleep time.  I was so tempted to ask other people from JMC to take my place, but I already volunteered for that, and...that, is what Isha and I would claim, our school (inside story between Isha and I, no time to explain it here, haha). So whatever, I guess I can pull an all nighter... Pffffft, are you kidding me? When I see my bed, I fall asleep, haha.

Okay, straining while I was working with my paper last night, they just had to show Rocky 3 on HBO. I only watched for about 10 minutes okay, because we didn't get to start it. So I continued with my paper. At 12:30am, I decided to just continue working in my room. So there, I took a shower, prayed...prayed hard, still slightly asking God to cancel class tomorrow, but then I also started praying that he give me strength to stay up, and to just be able to think well. So after that I went back to work. At 3am, I told myself I'd take an hour and a half nap, so I set my alarm at 4:30am. So I heard my alarm ring, then I think I pressed stop. Next thing I knew I just woke up at 5am. Thank you God, morning grace right there. 

Grace # 1 waking up at 5am, so I can continue working on my paper.

Then it was off to school at 8am, to leave for St. Stephen for the fair. I was late, the call time was at 8am, we were scheduled to leave at 8:15, or at least before 8:30am. I arrived school around 8:20, and found out that Isha wasn't in school yet, and Jade had just arrived a few minutes ago as well. We were just waiting for Isha.

Grace # 2 not being the last one to arrive, haha

But Isha was too late, and so we left without her at 8:30am, since St. Stephen was all the way in Binondo, and we had to be there by 9:30am. I was thinking I'd work on my powerpoint presentation while we were in the car, but that just made me dizzy, so that was unsuccessful. But the best part was that I was able to catch up with Jade, the one blockmate I still hang out with :) (we call each other soulmates, haha).

So two girls in corporate attire and high heels, expected to carry a big luggage full of UA&P brochures to the 5th floor by just using the stairs (there was no elevator). Well, Mang Edgar was there to help us out, but he still needed to park the vehicle all the way to the other side of the school. But anyway, the moment Jade I got out, there were two guys ready to carry our stuff.

Grace # 3 not having to carry the heavy luggage, and being able to freely walk in our high heels, haha.

Then when we got in the 5th floor to the room, where all the other colleges set up their booth...Boom boom pow (as Jade would say), air conditioned room.

Grace # 4 Having a comfortable place for the college fair, (because usually you stay in a gym, and you sweat, haha).

Okay, so let's fast forward a little bit, and now we're back to UA&P. I decide to just go home, and finish my paper there. It was 1pm, my powerpoint presentation was crap, and although I'm halfway done with my paper, I still left out a lot of things. Still a lot of details to put. I got home around 1:20pm, and just worked worked. Once in a while I would stop to freak out, then calm myself to continue working. I asked God to somehow do something for classes to be cancelled, or to make time go slower, but later on realized how selfish those prayers were, haha.

4:15pm, I was fixing my bibliography, doing a quick proofread, and I guess adding some other stuff in the paper. While doing this, I was trying to eat my sandwich at the same time. The paper could be better, but I need to start getting ready to leave. I left the house at 4:30pm, I was late for class, I got two texts from my classmates asking where I was, since I was first assigned to report, so I told I'll be late and asked if someone can just go before me.

I tried to cram my powerpoint presentation in my 10-12minute car ride to school. Got to class, Paolo Abdon was presenting, so I thought I still had time to work on my ppt. Oh wait,

Grace # 5 Having a professor who is deadma -doesn't really care if you're late or not.

Then I noticed that Abdon didn't have a ppt with him, but just had hand outs, and since we none of us were able to reserve an lcd projector

Grace # 6 having a sufficient excuse not to show my ppt

So my heart was pounding real hard. Heck, I haven't even prepared anything I was going to say, everyone had their own copies of their presentations, or hand outs. But I kept telling myself, "Jess, you know this, you've been reading about this, you're been researching about this". I know this, I got this.

My turn to present, it was just me, my reading on St. Augustine's Confessions, my finished paper, and a commentary book on the Confessions. So I started by saying, "since we don't have an lcd projector, and since my ppt isn't really...presentable, I'm just going to talk, so yeah..." Started with the background, Mrs. Borra is nodding in approval, then I just went on about my reading on St. Augustine's Confession. Who knew that I knew what I was talking about, haha. My classmates were entertained, and people were responding to what I was saying. When I ended, Mrs. Borra starts to add more information about my reading, and as she was discussing, her phone alarm went on. 

It was time for our 15 minute break.

Grace # 7 Mrs. Borra's alarm ringing, thus ending the time when I'm expected to be questioned/grilled.

During the break, I got a lot of good remarks from my classmates. Thank you GOD.

Grace # 8 being able to present St. Augustine's Confession in an entertaining and yet informative manner. 

Who knew that I knew. Grace right there. God, that was all you, thank You.
I got sunshine when I asked for rain :)

concern, a concern, the concern...
superhero Jane
I'm trying to understand where these people are coming from. I've  realized that I'm dense when it comes to a lot of things. I'm not intuitive, I don't do hints, so I try to tell the people around me to just give it to me straight. I think for the most part, I've learned to be more straight forward when I was in New Zealand, because people there can sometimes be brutally honest, but I appreciated it, no bs or whatsoever. 

I just wish...people wouldn't bring up a concern just when everything has piled up. I mean, I guess we can bring it up when everything's piled up, but I just find it rather unfair when these people immediately make conclusions about the situation, or expect the people concerned to just simply understand. I mean, come on, give them a break, you are after all just bringing this up just now. 

I'm not very fond of confronting either, but I do when I really have to, so I suck it up. I'm not saying that people should immediately voice out there concerns once it's bothering them. I mean, sure, we all need time to think things through, and to be able to properly say it, but when you do confront the people concerned, keep in mind that they are most probably hearing this for the FIRST TIME.

So it's not fair for you to expect that person to understand, nor for you to make conclusions just like that. So let's say you did let it pile up, because maybe you didn't know it would keep bothering you, it's fine if you still bring it up. Just don't expect people to simply understand, or don't just make conclusions about them right away, because once again, these people are most probably hearing this concern for the FIRST TIME.

However, if you decide to never bring up the concern, and just keep it all to yourself, then that's fine too, but don't expect people to understand you. That's your responsibility. Either you bring it up, so people can work it out, or you don't and forget about it.

I keep saying "concern", hahaha. Yeah, I noticed. Let's put something here, so that I may end on a lighter note.


I shall keep calm, and light my saber.


stumbled upon some Batgirl artworks
superhero Jane
Okay so...It started with a conversation I had with my friend Sean telling me about Batwoman being a lesbian. Then this led me to ask about Batgirl, and that's when I found out that Barbara Gordon hasn't been Batgirl for a while, because she got shot by Joker (somewhere in the lower back I think). Quite surprisingly, I actually read about this, (forgot which graphic novel it was of Batman) just didn't think it was connected, haha. Then Sean was telling about DC's Reboot, and how they plan on getting Barbara Gordon back to being Batgirl. I'm not here to say if I'm for it or against it.  You know with the whole Oracle thing, and being the disabled hero, I know it would be break quite a few hearts. We'll see how it goes...

ANYWAY, this whole thing about DC's reboot got me excited, so I started looking into the Batman "family", and who is connected to who. Next thing I knew I was looking into some DC artwork, particularly Batman and Batgirl. I realized that the drawings that I'd mostly like kept coming from the same guys -Dustin Nguyen and Phil Noto.

So here's some of their work, particularly of Batgirl. I plan on posting more DC artwork once I get to look into it more, haha.

This is Stephanie Brown as Batgirl by Dustin Nguyen, cover from Batgirl #21. Released May 2011.
If I'm not corrected, I think Nguyen used watercolor for this one.

Another Stephanie Brown Batgirl. This one's by Phil Noto from Batgirl #2. Released  September 16, 2009
Noto Actually has tumblr account (awesoooome), but this one's not there. I like this one, it's so chic but at the same time so bad-ass, haha. It's gives off that mystery profile, like, "who is the next batgirl?"

Since Barbara Gordon became Oracle, there aren't a lot of artworks of her as Batgirl. So here's just for you to have an idea on how she looks like. I got this from Noto's tumblr account...

So I guess we shall bid her good-bye as Barbara gets back to being Batgirl.
That's all for now. Enjoy the cold weather.

I was a Toy Race Car Driver
superhero Jane
I found myself representing my high school, ICA (International Christian Academy) at this inter-school competition. There were different areas that we could compete from, and I remember Johanna, Charmaine, and the rest of her ballet crew competing in the dance competition. I, however was assigned to compete at this Toy Car Race. I had my yellow toy car, which was about the same size as those Ferrari cars they'd give away in Shell Gas Stations (once you've reached a certain quota or something).

picture from:

The first level of the competition was that I was to avoid getting hit by any of the other cars, so I moved my car as carefully as I could. I found myself at the final round, which was this time, our cars had to bump each other, in order to win. We had to bump the other cars in order to get rid of them, but at the same time avoid getting bumped. I found my first opponent, so I moved the car in reverse, or more like tweaked it back, in order for it to be able to move forward with much force. However, my opponent did the same thing, so I found our toy cars going straight towards each other. And *boom*, so I asked the judges, "was that a draw? Or are we both out?", but then they checked which car had a bigger damage, and found that my opponent's car was more damaged than mine. So I remained, and realized that I was really good at this. My next opponent however owned this 10-wheeler toy truck, that somehow "ate" the cars whenever any car would hit it. I knew it was a long shot, but I had to do it. So I started backing my car up again (started tweaking it back), and so the truck started doing the same thing. 

So my yellow car, and this 10-wheeler truck clashed into each other, and as expected, the back of the truck opened up, and began to crush my car.

However, my yellow car did something that I never knew it could do...It transformed into a yellow saber tooth tiger, like one of those creatures in Beast Wars (or one of the robots from Power Rangers, but it acted more like those creatures in Beast Wars). So it held on to the back of the truck, and threw the truck into a wall. It was awesome. I could hear the people getting all excited how my car was able to do that. So I won, I think, and I picked up my yellow car, which was still a saber tooth tiger, and told it to take it easy, because there were some parts that got out, so I had to fix it first.

All of a sudden, my ballet friends came up to me crying, saying that they've been disqualified, and next thing I knew, this person approaches me to say that all ICA participants have been disqualified, because we cheated. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't see how I could have cheated, my car did all the work, I didn't even touch it while it was hitting the other cars, so I asked that they replay any of the videos to prove that I did not cheat all.

Then I found out that this was all a plot done by all the different schools, because they just wanted ICA to be disqualified. I couldn't take it, I found myself getting annoyed, and expressing how unfair everything was. It didn't make sense, it just didn't. 

And true enough, it didn't make sense, because I found myself waking up from my dream.

What many would call a "Camp Veteran"
superhero Jane

The worst part about going home from a camp is waking up the next day, and realizing that it’s over. Sometimes I feel like I suffer from Post-Camp Depression, haha. I’ve been going to youth camps since I was 12 years old, so the Bible 365 College Camp is my 8th camp as a camper, or 9th if we were to include Passion.

I’ve outgrown the embarrassment of being called out during Round the Table, and I’ve learned to become creative in my dances when I get picked out for Total Eclipse. I’ve gone from being the youngest campers –calling almost everyone ate and kuya to being one of the eldest –being called ate by almost everyone. I’ve gone from worrying about sitting alone in the bus to sitting at the back of the bus along with the other rowdy ones, to basically not caring who I end up sitting with, or where I end up sitting. I am, what many would consider a "camp veteran", or an old timer/oldie for the younger ones or new ones, haha.

Although being a "camp veteran" does seem to have its perks, because you become more and more confident of things, there are also certain disadvantages. Like feeling like you’re just doing the same thing over and over again, such as the usual team cheer or awkward ice breakers. I’ve come to realize that although I don’t mind, or even enjoy meeting new people, I dislike icebreakers, because I feel like we’re all placed in a position where we’re all forced to get to know each other. Then the team cheer is just something I’ve been doing way too many times.

So I was hesitant to go to camp this year. For the most part it was because most of my closest friends were either not going, or part of the camp staff. Not to mention some of the campers that I was a counselor in during Faithbook High School Camp were going to be my fellow campers. Gah, I was just thinking how embarrassing that would be. But since I really had nothing else to do this summer, I went, because I knew that in the end, I’ll always get something out of it.

There were two things that I was specifically praying for before I went to camp:                                                                       
1.) That I be sensitive to the new campers, and take the time to get to know them, and                                         
2.) That I would be enthusiastic about all the camp activities, even though I might possibly be doing the same things all over again.

So I’m not going to be all detailed about how camp went, but I’m just going to say how glad I am that I was wrong about this year’s camp. Bible 365 College Camp was different. Sure we still had the same shinnanigans, but they executed them in such a different manner. From the icebreakers, to the team cheers, to the amazing race, everything seemed to have that extra oomph. Then they added this new game called Colleticons, which is patterned after the card game, Monopoly Deal. That was pretty crazy, because that game was played during the whole camp. It encouraged people to interact with each other more, but at the same time it made people suspicious of each other, haha. The activities were really well thought of, and the campers were so game about it. The fact that there weren’t many of us (the quota to reach was 120, there were about 88 of us) made it easier for people to get to know each other as well.

I think since many of the people I’d usually hang out with weren't there, I got to know some of the other old campers more, and got to talk to more new people.

Then of course there was the topic on Suffering, which was really a lot to take. We studied the book of Job, where after reading, you’ll realize how small your problems seem to be as opposed to what he faced. I found myself tearing up in some of the plenary sessions, because they were all so true, and yet so difficult to accept. I’m not going to be all detailed about what I learned, maybe not in this blog, or I don’t even know if I’ll be able to blog about it, but I’ve just realized how I really have no right, or no one has any right to question God. It’s been really difficult, and I’m not going to pretend that I’m all victorious about my situation. In fact, I think this form of suffering is something I’ll have to constantly face, until I see God face to face, and when I see mum again. It’s something that I have to deal with, and bring it up to Him everyday.

So in a nut shell, I’m so glad I still went to camp this year. This is what I would consider the best college camp I’ve gone to, not to mention my team won 1st place. After 8 or 9 camps, this is my first time to actually be in a team that won all in all, haha. I’m so happyyyy. My team was just awesome, everyone was so game, not to mention, Jasper, Dave, Nat, and Eric were competitive, so I think the others rode along with us, and I believe my other teammates deserved to be mentioned as well, so excuse me while I mention their names: Carlo, Red, Steve, Bethany, and Janelle. Everyone was so participative, and was just willing to help the team in whatever way they can. It was sweet.

GO GREEN HAWKS! I’m so darn proud of us! AAAAAH! -victory cry.

If you’ve noticed the sudden change of topic, or mood, I did that on purpose, haha. Anyway, God and I still have a lot of talking to do. He’s let me rant to Him these past couple of months, so He made me listen to Him this time at camp. So... we’ve got some talking to do.

Cheers to the best college camp I’ve gone to.
Tamang-tama... Last ko na yata... as camper :)

Basic Responsibilities of a Dog Walker
I don't have the most "athletic" or youngest dog, but I give her the short occasional walks that I believe she deserves. I have an 11-year old Shi-Tzu named Sprinkles. She gets happy with the smallest things, such as rubbing her stomach, giving her food, and just basically giving her attention. I guess through the years, she's become less energetic, in a sense that she gets tired pretty easily, and she does not run as much as before. However, when she sees me go outside, or get her leash, she gets really excited, because she knows she's going out for a walk.

There are few things that I take with me before I take Sprinkles out for a walk:
-my cellphone
-my house keys
-a disposable PLASTIC BAG, and if needed, my disposable "pooper scooper" (but I rarely use this one anyway, haha).

Now I can definitely leave behind my cellphone and house keys, but THE PLASTIC BAG IS A BIG NO NO. In fact, all dog walkers (whether you are the yaya or the owner) should always bring with them a plastic bag, or a newspaper, UNLESS, they are positively sure that they're dog will not poop on the street.

One time, before leaving the house, I saw a house helper walking this dog.  All of a sudden, the dog stops in front of our house and takes a dung on the road. As I was watching what the house helper was about to do, I noticed that she didn't have anything with her to clean up the poop. She knew I was looking (because if she just walks away without doing anything, I am definitely going to have some serious talk with her, haha), so she goes around looking for something to pick up the poop and sees this piece of leaf (yes, I believe she had every intention to pick up that poop with that piece of leaf). Being unable to understand how she was all going to do this, I get a piece of newspaper from our garage, and hand it to her.

I don't remember if Mang Roger commented about the whole thing, since he saw it as well, but I remember telling him, "Kung hindi niya kasi yun lilinisin, sisigawan ko siya", hahaha. A few days later, when I was telling my dad what happened, it occurred to me that maybe if nobody was looking, she would have just gone off without cleaning the dog's crap. It's just that it's happened before, and I've seen a couple of dog poop on the street, and I get so annoyed, because the dog walkers don't even have the decency to clean it up. For cryin' out load people, that is like DOG WALKING 101 -Pick up your dog's crap.

In fact, we're not even allowed to bring our dogs to the park in our village anymore, because I guess the dogs just end up pooping there, and I guess the "village custodians" have gotten so fed up cleaning it up. It is frustrating, haha. And I can't blame them for imposing this rule, because some dog walkers have become so irresponsible.

Back when my mum was still here, she bought me a pack of biodegradable doggy poo bags, along with some disposable tongs to pick up the poop (haha). Anyway, I think I used up the last of the poop bag last week, so I decided to just get a small used plastic bag. The point is, you don't have to have an official dog poo bag (I wonder if there was a better way of calling it), any disposable bag, or even a couple of newspapers will do, so as long as YOU PICK UP YOUR DOG'S POOP, AND DISPOSE IT PROPERLY. That is all. Let us be responsible dog walkers.

for the sake of a recent entry
        I remember those freakin' times when I would just blog a lot. And now look , I haven't updated my LJ for almost two years. I got a Tumblr account quite recently, so I can look at other people's artworks. It's amazing how people are just so talented and creative, how I wish I could paint or draw the way other people could. I'd like to think that I'm very good with conceptualizing. I have a lot of ideas, but it sucks not being able to execute them. So I began following this artist named, Claire Keane, because I was really fond of the paintings in Rapunzel's room in Tangled, that I began to search for the paintings... Then  I found out that it was made by this lady here, and then I found out that she has Tumblr account, so I clicked "follow", so that I could be updated with her works.

A few days later, I was informed that she was following me, and that was really cool to hear, except that...I have no artworks in my Tumblr account, so I have nothing to show, like nada, I'm still trying to figure out how to use Tumblr, hahaha. So that got me really conscious, and now I'm thinking, maybe I should upload some of my random doodles...


The 19th of May
     It has been a year, and somethin' somethin' days....Fine, it's been a year and 20 days, since I left New Zealand, and it feels weird. I told kuya and mum about it, and kuya said, "Naiyak ka?", I answered, "Hindi, nagdadrama lang", hahaha.
     Celebrating different occasions back here would draw me back to remembering how I celebrated them in New Zealand. My birthday for example. I celebrated my 18th birthday in Tongariro Crossing, hiking. The area where "Mount Doom" is located, does this ring a bell to our LOTR fans? Yes, it was where Frodo had to sacrifice the ring. No, it wasn't called Mt. Doom for real. But that's where it was. Woohoo, my debut in the mountains, that was quite memorable actually. While I was hiking the devil stair case, I started thinking about what the girls my age would be doing at this time... They'd be getting ready for their big night, getting all pampered and made up, and here I was climbing my butt off, haha. But I did see snow for the first time. All my classmates were so excited for me, but they said that there's a better type snow, but I was like, "Who cares? It's snow! haha". It was just like a patch though. But whatever, on my 18th birthday, I saw snow for the first time :p
     Christmas in NZ made me miss Christmas at home. Well, during Christmas Eve was when I got home sick. I couldn't take it. Everything was just so quiet. I really missed my family. Staying with Dean (the Bible school chef) was so much fun though, and his two little girls were just so adorable. I'm not usually very fond of children, but Dean's girls were wonderful, so well-behaved, and very responsive. There were 4 of us -me, Morgan, Kayleigh, and Kat who stayed with Dean and his family during Christmas. And oh man, did we eat a lot! We were "required" to make our own Christmas decoration to hang in their Christmas tree. I made them a small star that said, "Maligayang Pasko", and a Philippine flag at the back. Christmas at Dean's was wonderful. When I spent my Christmas back here last '08, I had fun, but I began thinking what Dean and his family would be doing this time.
     Last May 19th, 2008. I woke up at 4am to get ready to leave the school. Katie, Caitlyn, and Miranda goes inside my room to give me breakfast. I was freezing, it was winter time, the same season when I first arrived. They sneak in some juice from Dean's kitchen to give me something to drink, and they give me toast. After eating, they gave a casual goodbye. A hug, but I think they've cleared in their head that they didn't want to cry, so that was fine. My roommate Kathleen wakes up, and gives me a hug, so does Megan and Becky.
     Dre comes into my room waiting for me. She's just there, she knows we'll be saying goodbye soon, but not yet. I go out, and I see Kayleigh, she gives me a hug...a long hug, and we start crying. I am hugging my fellow returning-student, we've been together since last semester, and here we are...saying goodbye. As I walk out, half of the students got out of their rooms to give me a hug, and bid me goodbye. I could all smell their morning breath, which means that they all really just got out of bed. We're all just waiting for Craig (bible school's gardener) to come, he was going to drive me to the airport.
      I give away some key chains from the Philippines, we all laugh a bit, and take a few photos. it all feels so heavy, but there's really nothing we could do. Craig arrives, and we all walk to the car. Only Will, Morgan, and Verity (who are also returning students) are the only ones who get inside the car...The others all not allowed to go to the airport with me. Hayden (one of the staff) wouldn't let me, so I had to only get three students. Dre comes to me, we hug, and she says, "I love you", I say I love her too. 
     I get in, and I tell them, "You better email me you ding dongs! haha", then we close the door. The car heads to the driveway. I look at the back, and I see the guys running after our car....Like in Mona Lisa Smile when Julia Roberts leaves. I felt like her for a moment, haha.... I start crying again.
     The ride going to the airport was a bit quiet. I didn't really sleep. This was the last time I was going to be in NZ, I didn't want to sleep. I'd talk to Craig and Will who are in the front seat. I hold on to Verity and Morgan who are in the back seat with me. It was about a 2 hour car ride. I see the airport.... I see the airport.
     They help me with my bags. Craig says my hand carry is crazy heavy. We do all the airport stuff. I get a bit nervous, coz this was the first time I was going to travel alone. After checking in my bag. We head to McDonalds' to have a little breakfast. We kill some time there. Then it was time for me to go to my gate.
      We all give an awkward/scared laugh. Craig puts on his sun glasses, he knows that I know that he's about to cry. I give Morgan a hug, and cry...she crys too. Then Will, called him a ding dong for one last time. I look at him, and his eyes are red, but he's fighting it. I go to Verity, and she whispers,. "You're my favorite roommate", haha. We've told each other that, and she cries too. I give Craig a hug, and he hugs me back. I walk to my gate. It hurts so much, I look back at them. And here is what I did....
    I drop my bags, and run back to them, it was so hard! Morgan tells me that she's proud of me for doing that. I hug them all again, and this time I just keep crying and crying. I go inside my gate now. The guard gets my ticket, and he gives me a friendly smile. I had to pull myself together, I had to go to my gate. I tell myself to sulk later, so i just keep walking. this is what my family's been warning me about, that I might be so heart broken that I might not be able to think. I put on my sun glasses to stop calling attention.
     I eventually find my gate. It was hard. It's so hard to think when you're hurting inside...From New Zealand, I went to Australia. I spent my 3 hour plane ride to Aussie crying, there were only a few of us inside the plane. I arrive in Sydney. As I went to my next gate in Sydney Airport, I see a whole bunch of Filipinos....Yap, this is the gate, haha, that was quite funny. 9 hours to go, then I'm home.
    Don't get me wrong, I love being home now. But I really miss Capernrway, and I think I'll always will. I miss the people. I miss my roommates. It felt so weird being alone in a room again, and not having to share the bathroom, or someone to just talk to, until you're falling asleep. There are a lot more things to bring up and reminisce, but I might end up crying, hahaha.
    Yes, it has been a year and somethin' somethin' days since I have been home.

Rox's 12 Days of Christmas
I was cleaning my room, and saw all these random high school letters from friends. I came across a copy of one of Rox's songs, changing the lyrics of 12 Days of Christmas, haha. So here it is guys, heads up. I present to you

Roxanne Icaro's 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas,
Miss Beth gave to me...

12 Haru's laughing
11 Grachie's singing
10 Robin's snorting
9 Meme's whining
8 Roxy's Selling
7 Brai's Flirting
6 Steph's Reading
5 Tiny Mariels
4 Korean Girls
3 Bamboo Sticks
2 Loser Freaks
and 1 Stupid Class Endurance


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